Testimony Tuesday 8/19

I went to eat at a restaurant in Kentucky. A young lady (30 years old – or so) walked over to my table and said, “Did my mother send you in here?” LOL I said, “No ma’am. Do I know your mother.” The young lady said, “You are a preacher, aren’t you?” I, of course, said yes. She said, “You are the guy that has a testimony about a girl from the Nashville strip club, aren’t you.” Again, I said yes ma’am. She said, “My mother let me listen to your CD. It was good, but I don’t really want to talk to anyone about my personal life.” I said, ” I understand, It’s nice meeting you.” She said, I am your server, what would you like.” When she came back, she began to ask me other questions. We talked a little off and on. As I was getting ready to leave, she asked if I was going to pray for her. I told her that I had already started. She said, “Do you think GOD loves me?” I said, “Without a doubt HE does. HE the one that sent me in here for you.” She said that she had failed HIM so badly, over and over again. I just reminded her that HE wanted ALL of her, not just part. I also reminded her that HE never expected her to be perfect, just honest about her failures and weaknesses. I reached to hug her, and she hugged me back. She said, “My mother was right about you. GOD really does use you.” THANK YOU JESUS.
Please help me to pray with Melinda. GOD is so able!! Take time to share all that HE has done for you. HE deserves the honor and others deserve to hear what HE is still doing! Blessings to each of you! – Johnathan Bond

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