Testimony Tuesday 8/11

I was driving down the road and came to a dead stop in traffic. I looked to the right and there was a guy standing there looking all beaten down. I rolled my window down and got his attention. I said, “I am heading to get something to eat. If you would like to go, I will buy.” He said, “Sir, I am hungry, but I have no money.” I motioned him to come on. The traffic started moving almost immediately after he got in the car. I knew this was a GOD plan. HE is certainly amazing! He said, “My name is Scotty.” I asked Scotty to tell me his story and he tried to avoid answering. I said, “Let me guess. You have stolen from your family, and friends and they have all written you off. I would say that you are also feeling like no one cares about you and you don’t have much of a reason for living. Is that about right?” He began to cry and said, “Yes to all of that. How can you tell?” I said, “I have seen it way too often. However, you are wrong about no one caring and about not having a reason for living. GOD loves you and sent me to let you know that.” He said, “I am not necessarily atheist or agnostic, but I don’t believe in GOD.” I said, “Of course you don’t believe in GOD, you don’t even believe in yourself. Also, I understand that it is hard to believe in someone that you don’t know. But I am praying that you get to know HIM then no one and nothing can make you not believe.” I shared how I met JESUS and that no one could ever cause me to doubt HIM. I know that GOD is doing a work in the life of Scotty and I am speaking by faith that he will come to know the CREATOR! GOD is sure amazing!

Please take time to share this with your friends. Together we are so able to make a difference in the lives of many, just by taking the time!

Be blessed!
Johnathan Bond

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