Testimony Tuesday 7/7

One Saturday evening, we had sang with several other groups. After the concert, we did what we always do, and went out to eat together. Once we had finished eating, we all went separate directions for our scheduled places to sing on Sunday morning. As we, Young Harmony, were headed down the road, GOD spoke to me to take the exit just ahead and go by Hardee’s Restaurant. Jeff Moreland was driving the bus this night and reminded me that it was after midnight and they would most likely be closed. I wasn’t sure of the purpose, but I was positive of the direction.

As we pulled onto the parking lot, not one vehicle was there, and no lights were on. Jeff said, “What do you want to do?” All that I knew to do was to pull around to the other side and leave. As we pulled toward the exit side, there was a man sitting on the curb by the pay phone, with his head buried in his hands. As we pulled up, he raised up to see who was there. You could tell he had been crying. I opened the door to the bus and said, “Hey there.” He said, “GOD sent you, didn’t he?” I told him that GOD did send us. He said, “I just said ‘GOD, if you are real, please send help to me’. ” I said, “What is going on?” He said, “Me and my wife are having major problems and I don’t know what to do.” I asked if either he or his wife were Christians, and he answered “No.” I simply said, “Get in.” He got in the bus and we drove to their house. Both he and his wife gave their life to JESUS that night! So awesome!

As we were leaving, we hugged him good bye and was saying good bye to his wife. He had walked into another room and I heard him in the distance say, “Mother, I am sorry to call and wake you, but I wanted to tell you what GOD just did.” WOW! I am so thankful to have been chosen to be part of this awesome event.

We have many opportunities to be used of GOD, if we take the time to listen. Please share either your testimony or this testimony with your friends, today. GOD deserves the praise! Have a great Tuesday!

Johnathan Bond

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