Testimony Tuesday 7/28

MASTERPIECE! I love myself! Yes, I can honestly say that I truly love myself! I know that may seem like a weird testimony, however I haven’t always been able to say that. For a while, I didn’t realize just how special I am to GOD. I didn’t realize that HE considers me as an awesome creation, straight from HIS own hands, of HIS very own design. I didn’t realize that HE needed and wanted fellowship with me. Once that I realized that HE was pleased with his creation of me, it made me begin to care about myself. When you look at me, you may see flaws, but GOD sees an awesome work of art. When you look at me, you may see errors, but GOD sees the masterpiece that HE created. I decided several years ago to try and see myself as GOD sees me. I then began the process for learning to love myself. Thank you GOD for taking your time to create me as a one of a kind MASTERPIECE! Thank you for loving me and teaching me to love myself. Thank you for reminding me that you do not create junk, only awesome individuals! I am a MASTERPIECE!

If you are wondering why it is important to love yourself, read Mark 12:30 & 31. Very important stuff! Nothing greater than LOVE! How can you love HIM, your family, or your neighbor, unless you first learn to love yourself?

Please share this with your friends. Maybe this will help them by being reminded that they too are a MASTERPIECE. Thanks

Be blessed MASTERPIECES! Have a great Tuesday!

Johnathan Bond

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