Testimony Tuesday 7/21

21 years ago this week, I was singing at a church in Lookout Valley TN. There was a couple (Darlene and David) at the concert that night. During the concert, GOD spoke to them to purchase me a set of tires for my car. After the concert, David asked how my tires were on the car. I told him, “I think they are good, I haven’t had them a long time.” However, I didn’t realize that as much as I drive, I only get about 8 or 9 months of use on a set of tires. As we walked outside, he look at my tires and showed me that they were not just bad, but really bad. He met me the next day at NTB and replaced my tires. 3 things that I would like to share about this testimony.

1) GOD new my need even before I did. I have often wondered if I would have maybe had a blow out due to the tires being so bad. I love HIS protection!
2) HE not only knew my need, but even sent someone to meet the need. I love how HE has always supplied my every need!
3) David and Darlene could have easily let the opportunity to be used of GOD pass them by. However, they trusted to follow HIS guidance. I love how HE guides people to sow into ministries, and HE gives back to them!

GOD, thank you for all that you have done for me over the years! David and Darlene, thank you for allowing HIM to use you. I have never forgotten that you believed in the Ministry of Young Harmony enough to sow. I am thankful for your gift, encouragement and friendship!

Friends, please take time to share what GOD has done for you, or share this testimony. HE so deserves the praise and others need the reminder of HIS goodness!. Also, if GOD speaks to you to bless someone, follow HIM, HE will bless you in return, more than you can contain! That is who HE is!

Happy Testimony Tuesday!

Johnathan Bond

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