Testimony Tuesday 7/15

She looked beyond my life scars and just loved me! Wednesday evening, MacKenzie (Grandgirl) spent the night with me. We went to bed around 11, then around midnight,as I turned over to check on her, she was just looking at me. She smiled and said, “I love you Gampa.” then kissed me on the cheek. She then laid back down and went to sleep. To some this may not seem like much of a Testimony, but to me, I don’t even know the words to express my gratitude to GOD for this. You see, with some of the struggles that I have dealt with over the past 5 years, I felt as though the effect was so much, that I would never be the same. But, MacKenzie reminded me just how JESUS sees me, though the eyes of love.

Maybe with your struggles, you relate to how I have felt. I hope this reminds you that GOD loves you, past the scars. Sometimes, we just need that reminder. As Ms Dottie Rambo wrote, “HE looked beyond my faults and saw my needs!” Accept the FACT that JESUS loves you just as you are. Scars, wounds and all! Blessings my friends!

*Johnathan Bond

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