Testimony Tuesday 6/30

I picked up a guy walking and asked where he was going. He said, “Honestly, I am just really hungry.” I told him to get in and I would get him something to eat. I always keep $5 McDonald gift cards in the car, for this very purpose. However, for some reason I was completely out of cards, so I pulled into the drive thru, and ask what he would like. He said, “Do you have time for us to go in to eat and maybe talk?” (Awesome!) If I am remembering correctly, his name is Chase, approximately 19 years old. I asked him his story and he said he was just released from jail for car jacking. We talked for a while and I learned a lot about his journey. After listening for a while, I asked if I could share with him one saying that I remembered my dad sharing with me. “Life is like a garden, you will only get out of it what you put into it.” I talked to him about the love that JESUS has for him. And how HE could never do enough bad to change that love. After about 2 hours of just talking, I took him to the place where he had asked me to drop him. I gave him my phone number and a hug, then let him know that I am praying for him. He said,”I appreciate that GOD cared enough about me to send someone like you.” I told him that I would ask my friends to pray for him, as well. Thank you for joining with me in prayer for Chase.

You know, it is easy to sow into the life of others, if we just remember that our steps are ordered of GOD. Let’s allow HIM to love through us more!

Please take time to share your testimony or at least share this with your friends. Together, we can bring light into a darkening world.
Johnathan Bond

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