Testimony Tuesday 6/3

For those of you that have children who are entangled with with satan’s lies, and you sometimes feel that there’s no hope in sight, This is for you. When my son, Markale was in his teens, he too was trapped by the lies of this world. I stood on my personal convictions and I loved him unconditionally. Also, I began to pray asking GOD to set my son free. I prayed continually for GOD to heal him and turn him around. Well, today my son turned 26 years old and I can tell you that GOD set him free!! These past five years I have watched my son grow into the young man that GOD created him to be. So thankful that GOD holds onto us when it seems there is nothing left to hold on to. Markale, I love you! You make me more and more proud each and every day. Happy birthday, my son!

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