Testimony Tuesday 6/28

First, thank you GOD for your healing, your guidance and your provisions! Just over five years ago, my dad developed some health issues (Heart and Cancer). I put my house up for rent and moved in with my parents to help with their financial obligations. (PRAISE GOD my dad is now cancer free, in great health, and on no medication.) While my parents house was nice and worked well for them, is just wasn’t a great setup for the three of us, but I knew that it was a ‘must do’ situation. During the past 5 years there were even more changes to happen. One year later my Grandfather (Dennis Smith) moved in with us, then left us for his brand new eternal home about two years after that. Fast forwarding to mid 2015, we (my parents and I) began looking for a house that would fit the three of us better. We searched and searched with nothing seeming to work. Mid November we looked at a brand new house, it was beautiful, but still the set up didn’t seem to work for us either. While we were leaving that house, the builder showed up asking our thoughts. After sharing our needs, he suggested, “Why don’t you let me build you a house?” Immediately, I felt a connection and peace about this, so I responded with a yes. After working on a custom design with the builder, Mr. Bill Ottings began to build our house. Currently, we are in the process of moving into the new house *THANK YOU JESUS!). Attached is a sneak preview picture of just my closet, with more pictures of the house to come (once we are totally moved in and set up.)

As I look back over the past few years, I see where GOD gently moved me to the place (physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally) where I am now. I love how HE says the plans that HE has for me are good! Today, I want to testify about HIS healing for my father, HIS guidance and HIS provision. I also wanted to post this to let others know that GOD has great plans for each of us and all that we have to do is trust HIM. Just know that everything about your life is important to HIM. HE is your creator and is molding you for a GREATER purpose. In the words of one of my songs, “No matter who you are, no matter where you’ve been, JESUS knows your name and HE wants to be your friend…”

Have a very blessed Testimony Tuesday, and never stop sharing All HE’s Done For You!
Your friend,
Johnathan Bond

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