Testimony Tuesday 6/2

I was driving home the other day and passed a guy walking that seem extremely tired. I pulled over, asking if he needed a ride. As he sat down in the front seat, then just broke! Said his entire world was falling apart and had no reason left for living. I just listened as he poured the pain from his heart. Once he seemed to regain his composure, I simply asked if he believed in GOD. He said, “Well, I do believe in HIM, but I have destroyed my life and I feel like he is probably through with me.” He went on to say, “I don’t even think HE knows where I am anymore.” I asked one question, “Why do you think I picked you up?” I told him that GOD knew exactly where he was and what he was going through. I sang him the chorus, “GOD sees your tears. HE feels your pain. He knows you’ve struggled through live in many ways. But HE’s always brought you through, GOD already has a plan. HE will pull you through this trial too, if you will trust HIM again.” He said, “Are you an Angel from GOD?” I told him that I wasn’t an Angel, but we as people are the arms of GOD. He asked me to pray for him and I prayed right then, with him. As we arrived to where he was going, he asked me if he could hug me. Said it has been a good while since he has felt the arms of GOD. Please pray for my friend Miles (Age 37).

Y’all, we live in a world that is crashing all around us. We can certainly make a difference, if we just take the time to show HIS love. THANK YOU GOD for accepting me and allowing me to be part of your GREAT plan!

Please share your testimony, or at least share this testimony with your friends. We have so many opportunities around us everyday to share HIS good news!

Johnathan Bond

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