Testimony Tuesday 6/16

ANGIE: One Tuesday night we got in bed early and right as I went to sleep, GOD woke me and said to go to Nashville. So, we got up, dressed and headed to Nashville. I didn’t have a clue where I was going, but I just drove and prayed all the way there.. HE told me exactly where to exit and told me when to turn and when stop. I did just that and as we looked around, right across the street there was a nude bar. He began to speak to me in a way I had never heard Him speak before. He told me to go and ask for a girl named Angie. We walked across the street, knocked on the door and two people came to the door. One was a big guy and one was a girl. The guy said, “could I help you”? I said, “I need to see a girl named Angie.” The girl looked at him, then she looked at me, and said, “I’m Angie”. She was really amazed because it was her real name, not her stage name. She walked out on the sidewalk with us. I told her that GOD told me to tell her, “He was there for you when you were 7, 14 and again when you were 20. Now is the time for you to be there for Him. He has a great work for you to do”. The last thing that the LORD told me to tell her is, “this is your last warning”. When that was said, we turned and walked halfway across the road to get to the car. She grabbed me on the shoulder and said, “wait a minute. Who are you?”. I gave her a card that said Young Harmony and told her that I was from Chattanooga and knew that this was weird, but GOD sent us for her and we were on our way back home now. She started crying and said, “this is not weird to me. My Dad is a preacher and he told me the exact same thing two nights ago, except he said GOD is going to send you one more warning. Would you give me a ride home?” I was in complete amazement. She got in the car and we left and drove approximately 30 miles, then drove down this long driveway. It was 2:30AM, and every light in the house was on. There was a man standing out on the front porch. She opened the car door and she ran saying, “Daddy! Daddy!”. He said, “your Mother is inside on her knees. The Lord woke us up and said our little girl was on her way home”. I was in complete amazement again. We sat there in their driveway simply amazed at how strong, yet caring of a GOD that we serve. I realized that night that the GOD I serve is bigger than the gay bars, the nude bars, the biggest bottle of alcohol you can find and the largest dose of drugs. All we have to do is just like that mother and dad. Pray, believe and stand on faith.

I want to encourage you, if you have family out there that you have been praying for, just ask and believe and they WILL be home!

Please take time to share either your testimony or this testimony with your friends and family! We can make a major difference in their life!


*Johnathan Bond

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