Testimony Tuesday 6/14

I was driving down the road and a pastor came to my mind. I haven’t seen or heard from this pastor for about 4 years, or so. I searched his number in my cell phone and made a call. The phone rang 2 times and went to voice mail. I didn’t leave a message, instead I hung up and called back again. Once again it rang 2 times and went to voice mail. This time I left a message with my name and phone number. I waited about 5 minutes and called again. This time I heard, “Hello, who’s calling?” I said, “Johnathan Bond of Young Harmony.” He was completely quite, not saying a word or making a sound. I said, “Pastor, are you there?” He answered saying, “I’m here but I am not a pastor any longer.” I had no idea about what had happened, but knew there was a purpose in this phone call.

I told him that I didn’t know and asked what he was doing now. He said, “Johnathan, 3 years ago my wife left me. The church asked me to step aside and so I did. I walked away from the church and even caught myself even walking away from GOD. He said, “Johnathan, I have wasted the past 3 years of my life. There is so much that I should have done differently!!” Immediately GOD spoke to me saying, “Nothing about your life is ever wasted!” HE reminded me of the scripture, “All things work together for the good of those that love the LORD and are called according to HIS purpose.” HE promised that HE will use our mistakes, the times we feel we have failed, and all of our hurts for our good. I shared all of this with my friend. I told him that he may have walked away from GOD, but GOD certainly didn’t walk away from him.

His emotions then began to flow like a river. He said, “What made you call me?” I told him that as I was driving GOD brought him to my mind. He said, “Would you please pray with me? I need to get back where I am supposed to be with GOD.”

Amazing just how much GOD loves each of us. Please know that you have not gone too far from HIM. HE is right there with you, call on HIM and you will see.

This is a good reminder for your friends and family members, as well! There are no better words that can you share with them.

Be blessed!
Johnathan Bond

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