Testimony Tuesday 5/26

As I was in Nashville, I walked into PF Changs to eat. Just moments after I walked in, the wife of a pastor friend came over to me and said, “I can tell you why you’re here.” She said, “My son has had a very bad history of drugs and alcohol. He feels that he has let his family down, as well as GOD.” I walked with her over to a table where her husband and son were sitting. She said to her son, “This is Johnathan….” Her son (27 yrs old) said, “I know who he is.” He turned to me and said, “I read your Tuesday posts on Facebook every week.” Wow! He asked to speak with me alone. He went on to tell me that he is struggling with personal issues, feeling as though he will never be able to be forgiven for all of the things that he has done in life. I reminded him that GOD loves him no matter what he has done or where he has been. After we talked about 30 minutes, he said, “I am really amazed that GOD sent you to talk to me .” Although he still has a bad history, he now knows he has been forgiven and has a promising future! GOD is amazing! It is awesome to receive a hug from someone that was dying, but now knows he can live! RESCUED!

There are two testimonies here. 1) GOD sending someone to this young man in a perfect time of need. 2) GOD using the Testimony Tuesday’s to reach both the saved and lost, as a healing to hurting people. THANK YOU JESUS!

Please share your testimony (or at least this testimony) with your friends. Y’all, it really does make a difference! And, GOD so deserves all of the PRAISE! HE is amazing!

Be blessed, by being a blessing!
Johnathan Bond

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