Testimony Tuesday 5/17

A pastor said to me last week, “Don’t get me wrong, I love the testimonies that you put on face book. However I go an entire month and don’t see any major things that GOD has done around me. How do you have so many more testimonies than everyone?” My response was, “I don’t think that I have more testimonies than others, it may be that I just notice them more, because I am looking for them.” I went on to tell him that even not knowing him good, I could name 5 major testimonies that he has, and I started with,

“1) You woke up this morning in your right mind.
2) You’re health is great.
3) You drove 30 miles to church and had a safe trip.
4) You are a born again Christian, saved from your past failures.
5) Your wife was promoted on her job and received a pay increase.”

We ALL have major testimonies. I am a firm believer that as we testify about the things that GOD has done and is doing, in/around our life, HE will show us so much more.

This weeks Testimony: I have driven over 130,000 in the past 30 months and was protected every mile of the way. THANK YOU JESUS!

Please take time to share your testimony or at least share this with your friends. We can make such a difference in the life of others. Thanks friends! Be blessed!

Johnathan Bond

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