Testimony Tuesday 5/17

I was in Boone North Carolina, walking down the street, just enjoying the scenery. I noticed an older man lying on the sidewalk, with a backpack under his head. He wasn’t asleep, but just lying there, so I approached him. I said, “Hey sir, are you ok?” He said, “I am as ok as I could be.” He look and sounded very weak, so I asked if he had eaten anything, and invited him to go with me to the deli across the street. He respectfully accepted my invitation. As he was trying to get up, I could tell that he was struggling due to his weak condition. I helped him to his feet, as well as helped him to cross the street. We ordered, sat, ate and talked. He told me that it had been 5 days since he had eaten anything. He said that he had been homeless for 9 months due to a house fire and no insurance. His son is a lawyer in Washington DC and that he doesn’t know how to reach him. I asked for his son’s name and googled him. I contacted the son’s work and left him a voice mail about where his dad is. I also put him in a local hotel room for 5 days, gave him some food gift cards and bought him a change of clothes. As I was leaving, he said, “So, are you a preacher?” I told him that I am a preacher and travel in Christian music. He said, “Thank you for your help, and for reaching out to my son. But most of all, thank you for noticing me. Most people just walk by like I don’t even matter. I have felt like even dog’s get better treatment then me, but you took time and made me feel important. Thank you for that.” He then said, “Before you leave, do you care to pray with me. I would like for you to pray blessings over me that today is the start of my journey back.”

Remember, we are more blessed when we give, than when we receive. That includes giving of our time. It isn’t about having the money, sometimes just our time is needed. It really is that easy to make a difference.

Have a blessed Tuesday!
Johnathan Bond

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