Testimony Tuesday 5/12

Another reminder that our steps are ordered of the Lord. I’m standing in line to get on the plane headed home. The lady that was directly behind me had an extremely sad look on her face. I simply asked if she was okay and she began to tell me about her daughter being in a major car collision and is now in a coma at Emory hospital in Atlanta. I asked her if she believes in GOD and if she believes in miracles. She simply answered with, “Honestly, I’m not sure, at this point.” I began to share with her about my car wreck and how the doctors didn’t give me any hope of living but….GOD had another plan! I also told her that was a grief counselor at Emory, the same hospital where her daughter is. I then said I believe that GOD joined our paths for this purpose. HE is simply amazing! Thank you for joining with me in prayer for Miss Lisa’s daughter. No doubt GOD has something special in store. I love how HE arraigned our meeting! I left with a hug! I found out yesterday (Monday) that her daughter is out of the coma, still in NICU, but out of the coma!! THANK YOU JESUS!

Remember we I have many opportunities every day to be the hands and arms of JESUS! Reach out, make a difference. Thanks for sharing either your testimony or at least this message. We can make a difference! Happy Tuesday!

Johnathan Bond

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