Testimony Tuesday 5/1

As I was leaving Emory Hospital, traffic was being re-routed a different direction than I normally go. As I was driving, I noticed a young man walking around what seemed to be aimlessly. I pulled over and asked if he was hungry. (A lady from the hospital had given me a to go plate of hot food.) He said, “I am hungry, but I would much rather use your phone, if you wouldn’t mind. My family lives in the Chattanooga TN area and I need to get home.” I told him that I lived in the Chattanooga area and would gladly give him a ride home. He got in the car, and immediately began to eat. I asked him about his story. He said, “I have made some terrible decisions and hurt a lot of people. But I am hoping my family will take me back. Back there, about an hour ago, I asked GOD if he knew where I was. Just a few minutes afterwards, you pulled up.” I certainly let him know that GOD has been loving him for years and had great plans for him. At this time, I received a phone call and while I was talking, I looked over and he was asleep. He slept all the way Chattanooga, and called his father once we arrived into town. We were greeted by his family for a happy, much needed reunion.

Thank you GOD for teaching us that we can all make a major difference in the life of others, just by taking time to love. Reach out to those that you know AND even those that you don’t. GOD simply wants to love through us.

Thanks for sharing with your family and friends. Remember, the only way to change things is to change the way we do things. BLESSINGS!

Johnathan Bond

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