Testimony Tuesday 4/7

April 1995 I met a young man named Carl in Atlanta, hitch-hiking. He was headed from Florida to Canton Iowa. His sister (Linda) had passed away and he was trying to get home. I told him to let me stop by the house in Chattanooga and pick up some clothes then I would take him home. On the way there I (of course) shared with him how GOD has brought me through so many situations. I just began to sow the Goodness and Grace of GOD in him. Over the years his mother (Ms. Beverly) has been to many of my concerts. She has become a great friend and prayer partner. Well to fast-forward 20 years, Carl (and his wife Mariana) went with me to church for Easter Celebration 2015. I am so thankful how GOD allows us to see fruit for our labor.

I would love to encourage everyone to take time to sow into the lives of others. You may not see the harvest right away, but GOD will use you to make a difference. Your reward will be great!

Please take time to share your testimony or at least share this testimony. People need to hear, and GOD sure deserves all of our praise!

Johnathan Bond

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