Testimony Tuesday 4/24

Thank you GOD for my eye sight. September 24, 1991 I had a major car accident. One of the big issues was my right eye. During the accident, my eye was loosened from the socket and most of the ligaments holding my right eye in place, were torn. The Doctors said I would suffer with the rest of my life with blindness. They said I would never be able to see out of the right eye. But, thanks to GOD, my vision is both eyes is 20/20. GOD has given the Doctors knowledge and abilities, but HE did not give them the final answer. GOD has the final answer. HE said that I would see and I do! Praise GOD.

Remember, take time to share the GOOD NEWS of what GOD is and has done in your life (or at least share this post). HE deserves the praise!

*Johnathan Bond

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