Testimony Tuesday 3/8

received voice mail from a pastor saying, “Brother Johnathan, I wanted to call you to tell you thank you. I listened to your radio talk show on Praise 96 out of Knoxville TN and my life was changed for the better. Don’t get me wrong, I was saved 28 year ago, and have pastored for 24 years at a (denominational) church, but I have never truly appreciated or understood just how much we are loved by GOD until I heard you share all that HE has done in your life. I sat through the entire 2 ½ hours of your show and couldn’t stop rejoicing for (as you said) ‘just who HE still is”. You made me realize that, while I know a lot about what to say and do as a preacher, I need to take more time to get to know GOD on a personal level. I loved the testimony that you shared about Angie, the stripper. I loved the testimony of how you were pronounced dead and how GOD had another plan. I loved the testimony of Hardee’s and the hurting man sitting by the payphone. Honestly, my wife and I were glued to the radio and loved every moment of it. I have called the radio station, and wanted to contact you, as well. Please never stop doing what you do. God certainly has kept you for a time such as this. My life has been changed for the better.”

THANK YOU JESUS! I love how GOD will work through any of us. AMAZING! Here is the story behind how the radio show happened. I received a message from Ms. Charlotte Marshall Bise asking if I would be part of her show. JESUS Talk, either by phone or by coming to the station in Knoxville. Being excited, as always, I rearranged my schedule to go to WJBZ (Praise 96) in Knoxville. When I arrived for the 30 minute show, I found out that it had been extended for another 2 hours, simply a GOD plan! So thankful that HE is always at work in and around all our lives!

Please take time to remind your family and friends that GOD knows where they are and HE loves them enough to not leave them there. HE is always loving us and will keep us growing in HIM!

Have a very blessed Testimony Tuesday!

Johnathan Bond

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