Testimony Tuesday 3/3

On my way to Indianapolis I picked up a hitchicker that said he needed to get to Kentucky. Heading that way, I asked him to tell me about his story. He began to tell me that he had a wife and 2 children and how his wife asked him to leave after catching him in an affair. He said he had been gone almost a year. He said he felt that he needed to be closer for his boys, and would like to work on reuniting with his wife, possibly. As we got closer to his city, I asked, “Why don’t you call her, tell her you are sorry for your failures and ask if she would meet you for lunch. Tell her you are with a councilor and are seeking help. Long story short, she met us for lunch and the couple is going to meet with a local pastor to work on reuniting. A family being restored is certainly worth testifying about! GOD is AMAZING!

Take time to reach out to others, HE will do the rest. Blessings my friends! Happy Testimony Tuesday!

Johnathan Bond

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