Testimony Tuesday 3/24

Last week, in my sleep, GOD spoke to me to have my tires checked. The next day, at work, when I remembered the dream, I left to have them checked. When I got to the tire shop, I simply asked if the guy could check the tires. He said, “You haven’t had them long, is something wrong?” I told him no, but just wanted to have them checked. WELL…after checking them, he said, “Look here, the front driver side tire has a defect on the inside wall and you were just about to have a blow out..” THANK YOU JESUS!! Of course, to give GOD the praise, I told the guy about my dream! AMAZING! SIMPLY AMAZING! An ever present help in time of need! Always remember, GOD has plans for each of us and they are great!

Please take time to share the GOOD NEWS of JESUS! HE deserves our praise!

Johnathan Bond

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