Testimony Tuesday 3/18

I am so thankful for the parents that GOD has given me. My parents were very diligent in teaching us, the children, about JESUS, love, mercy as well as about hard work ethics. Well, here is the rundown of my sibilings.
– My sister, Donna Rene Bond (passed away at 6 weeks old).
– My sister, Loretta Bond Lovain, serves the LORD and married to a Pastor.
– I, Johnathan Bond, have traveled in Music Ministry for the past 24 years.
– My brother, Lamar Bond serves the LORD as a Pastor.
– My sister, Shenequa is serving the LORD and married to a Preacher.

I can say that even when we weren’t who we were supposed to be, my parents (Danny and LaCreta Bond) never wavered. They loved us though our failures, and always redirected us to JESUS.

I remember so vividly, as a child, before we went to bed, we would all kneel by my parents bed and talk to JESUS in prayer. I am so thankful for the love of GOD that they instilled in us. I AM BLESSED! THANK YOU JESUS! THANK YOU MOTHER AND DAD

Be sure to take time to share what you are thankful for. Time to brag on JESUS!

Johnathan Bond

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