Testimony Tuesday 3/1

Saturday afternoon, while walking out of a building, my father fell. He landed on his knee and then his shoulder. While he was certainly sore after the fall, GOD protected him from what could have been crazy bad. He was surrounded by brick, rock, concrete and mulch. Thankfully, as he fell, he landed in the mulch. I am so thankful for GOD’s protection. Some may say, “….but why didn’t GOD keep him from falling?” GOD never promised that we wouldn’t have problems and situations in our life, but HE did promise to always make a way for our escape. Today my testimony is that I am thankful that GOD protected my dad. I am also thankful for both what GOD has kept me from, as well as what HE has brought me through.

Take time today to notice HIM around you. HE is there in every aspect of our lives, even when we don’t notice. However, we are so much more blessed, when we take time to see HIM! Please take time to share with your family and friends that GOD loves them and HE will see them through!

Have a blessed Testimony Tuesday!

Johnathan Bond

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