Testimony Tuesday 2/9

I was remembering the words of a song that I wrote, Power in HIS Name. I would love to share those words with you, along with a reminder that no matter your situation, GOD has a plan for you! HE is never surprised by your choices or circumstances. If you are in a struggle, stop right were you are and begin to call on the name of JESUS. Remember, when you speak the name of JESUS, the enemy trembles and must leave. Don’t forget to share this with your family and friends. There truly is POWER IN HIS NAME! Be blessed!

Johnathan Bond
Power In HIS Name
Verse One:
The woman press through the crowd, in so much pain
She knew if she could reach the LORD she’d never be the same
When she called the name of JESUS, her life was surely changed,
She seen that was power, power in HIS name

Verse Two:
I too one day was dying, sinking in despair,
It seemed I had no where to go, except on my knees in prayer
When I spoke the name of JESUS, HE took my sin away
I seen there power, still power in HIS name

…and I believe there is power in HIS name
I believe there is healing in the same
HE said, “Ask you shall receive, if you’ll only believe.”
I believe there is power in HIS name.

I believe there is power,
Wonder working power
I believe there is still power in HIS name!

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