Testimony Tuesday 2/3

Testimony Tuesday: During one of my concerts in Ireland, I said, “Forgiving someone isn’t to better them, it is totally to help you. So, let go of the baggage holding you down and be free.” After the concert, a deacon man approached me at the product table. He said, “I am a 68 years old Christian man. However, I have held a grudge for many years against a previous pastor that hurt me and my wife. Several have tried to get me to forgive him, but I just couldn’t let it go. Tonight during your concert, you really helped me. When you asked us to stand and pray, I told GOD that I forgave them and asked HIM to forgive me. I hope GOD doesn’t take as long to forgive me as I did for them.” THANK YOU JESUS! I told him that GOD forgave him the moment he stood! I so love how GOD does what only HE can do! Simply amazing!

Have a great day my friends. Don’t forget to share the GOOD NEWS with those that GOD has placed in your journey! Blessings!

Johnathan Bond

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