Testimony Tuesday 2/23

I was singing at a church in Nashville and shared about how GOD is using the $5 McDonald gift cards. I shared the story of a young man in Atlanta that was holding a sign, “Hungry, anything helps.” I noticed the young people there were listening intensely. But what happened after church was totally humbling! Three boys, ages 7 and 9 walked up to me and said, “We put our money together and want to buy a gift card for someone hungry.” They handed me $5.25 in coins. The older one said, “My real dad is out there somewhere and I hope one day that he meets you.” Have mercy! I hugged the three boys and asked if I could pray with them. We prayed together, I thanked GOD for their heart, then I asked GOD to take care of Terry (the older ones father) and asked HIM to one day bring me across his path. I asked that GOD take care of him and bring him back into his son’s life, and bring salvation, if he hadn’t been saved. As we finished praying, I looked around and there were about 20 young people that had joined in with us praying. Amazing! Totally Amazing!

This made me stop to think. How are the young people supposed to know what GOD can and will bring us through, if we don’t tell them. How are the people that don’t go to church supposed to know about the love of GOD if we don’t show them? This made me want to do so much more for HIM! If you want to help with the “Extended Arms Project”, ($5 McDonald gift cards/Blankets), please do. You can mail the gift cards, blankets or a check to the address below. It is easy to make a difference, even if it is just a little bit at a time. These three boys put their money together ($5.25) and it will feed a hungry person a hot meal. It they can do that, surely we can all do the same, at the least.

Thanks for allowing GOD to use you, I know without a doubt that HE will, in-turn, bless you!

Johnathan Bond
Extended Arms Project
PO Box 2584
Chattanooga, TN 37409
youngharmony.com extendedarmsproject.com

(If you write a check to “Young Harmony, Inc” and put “Extended Arms Project” in the memo, I can send you a Tax Deductible Donation Letter for your 2016 taxes.)

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