Testimony Tuesday 2/2

An email from this week.

Mr. Johnathan, I wanted to write you and share my testimony with you. Two months ago, I called you asking you to pray for my husband and his health. The Dr’s diagnosed my husband with cancer of the larynx and we were going to have to wait for them to let us know their plans. I was broken and could only see death as the answer. I called you for prayers, but instead you began to preach (tongue in cheek). You said something to me that pushed me to question my faith in God. You said, “Are you going to trust the report of the doctors or the report of Jesus? Jesus said that he allowed them to beat and whip him so that we could be healed.” You asked me if I had prayed for his healing. I answered you a little abruptly by saying, “OF COURSE I HAVE!” You then said, “Then it is time you begin to thank him for his healing. You see faith is believing what you don’t yet see, but still expect to be happening.” You also reminded me of Revelation 12 (verse 11). So, I sat with my husband and told him about what you said and we began to testify just among ourselves. Then the very next day, we called our pastor and told him about what you said. We asked if we could use some of the Sunday service to share our testimony. Sunday the pastor called us up and we began to tell that God brought us through so many things over the years. We spoke of specific issues and then my husband shared how God has healed him from the Larynx Cancer. He said it with no doubts or concern, but with true trust. We were on a spiritual high as we shared and remembered so many things that God had done. Two weeks later we went back to the dr for more test. Long story short, the dr said that the report was incorrect. It wasn’t cancer! My husband is healed! That isn’t all of the testimony, another part is that my faith has been renewed! Thanks for preaching to me!

Candice M. 

PRAISE JESUS!!! I love that HE has always made a way for our escape. We can choose life or we can chose death. What about your situation today? What are you choosing? Who’s report are you going to believe? Why not take time to remind your family and friends that they too have a choice? We sure don’t have to accept the situation that we were dealt. As for me, I choose JESUS and HIS report.

Be blessed my friends! Have a great Testimony Tuesday!
Johnathan Bond

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