Testimony Tuesday 2/16

Here is a letter that I received this week. I honestly can barely see through the tears to type this:

Mr. Bond. I’m not sure if you will remember me, but I needed to try. About three months ago in Knoxville Tennessee you gave me a blanket and a gift card for food. You also gave me one of your business cards. That night as I laid down on the cold ground, I couldn’t shake what you said to me. You said, “GOD has more for you than this”. That kept repeating in my head over and over. The next morning I packed up my belongings and began to head toward my parents home in Kentucky. As I was walking I asked GOD if HE had greater plans for me would HE let someone pick me up. About 10 minutes later an older couple pulled over. They were headed through Kentucky, right by where my parents live. I told him my story and he said that he was a pastor in Ohio. He and his wife told me that they never pick up vagrants, but felt that GOD had directed them pick me up. I was thankful. I arrived to my parents house on Sunday afternoon, I went to church with them on Sunday night and asked JESUS into my heart. HE accepted me in as family. HE began to take my faults away then HE opened a door for me a job. I just wanted you to know that I now am a Christian, I am employed and if all goes well, I will be renting my first house next week. I wanted to write you to tell you that you are making a difference. GOD used you to change me and because of that I am a better person and in a better place. Thank you for the food card and the blanket, but most of all for the hope. I would like to see one of your shows sometime when you are in my area. I would even like to take you to eat afterwards if you would let me.

Your new friend
Josh Holt

To all of you that have given to our Extended Arms project, THANK YOU! I don’t know who gave the blanket for Josh, but THANK YOU! I don’t know who gave the $5 McDonald gift card that Josh received, but THANK YOU. Y’all we live in a world of many hurting people but we can all make a difference, even if it is one life at a time. THANKS for your love and support of this project. GOD thank you for allowing me the opportunity to see YOUR arms at work. I am blessed!

Please take time to share with your friends and family. Together, we can make a difference!

Johnathan Bond

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