Testimony Tuesday 2/10

I was talking with a pastor and his wife the other day about some struggles they have been facing. During our conversation, the pastor mentioned that he knew one day GOD would give them beauty for their ashes (Isaiah 6:3) As soon as he said that, GOD began to speak to me. I shared with the pastor that GOD just showed me that this scripture was speaking of a trade. He will trade you beauty for your ashes. Like if you give me $15 for a CD, it is a trade. The problem is that we try to hold on to the ashes as though they are part of who we are. When in reality, ashes are what was burnt off of us so we can move forward. If we want the beauty, we must give HIM the ashes of our life. Today I want to encourage you to let go of the past, give HIM the leftovers (ashes) and HE will give you the beauty you have been longing for! THANK YOU JESUS for teaching us, molding us and guiding us to be more like YOU!

Blessings my friends. Be sure to share something that GOD has done for you, or at least share this post with your friends. GOD deserves the praise, and people need to be reminded of HIS Goodness and Grace.

Johnathan Bond

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