Testimony Tuesday 12/30

Testimony Tuesday: 2014 held some great days and yet some ‘not so good’ days. There were awesome opportunities, as well as some closed doors. 2014 had many happy days and a few that were really sad. But as I look over the year, I am so thankful that I am able to see the mighty hand of GOD in charge of each day. HE has proven himself over and over. Again, HE has reminded me that HE is a very present help at all times and in all things.

2015 has so much in store. GOD has promised me that if I delight myself in HIM, HE would give me my hearts desire (Psalms 37). HE said HE has great plans for my future (Jeremiah 29). I am so looking forward to the great hand of GOD in every day of 2015! EXCITING!

I would love to ask each of you to look for the good in all things. GOD has great plans for you. Keep in mind that what HE doesn’t keep you from, HE will see you through! Would you take a moment and read Philippians, “…focus on the good things.” Watch what HE does this coming year. IT WILL BE AMAZING! Remember, don’t look at the storm, but focus on the “PEACE SPEAKER”! GOD is faithful! Blessings

Johnathan Bond

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