Testimony Tuesday 12/29

Last week I thought to myself about how on Sundays, most people can tell that I am a Christian. And at my concerts people know that I love JESUS. When I am working at the hospital as a grief counselor, those around me can tell that JESUS is important to me. However, I began to wonder if others, people who don’t know me, that I pass on a daily basis could tell that I was a Christian. Well last week I went to eat with some friends in Atlanta. While we were eating, a lady walked over to us and said to me, “Excuse me sir, I can tell that you are a Christian and I was wondering if you would pray for me and my husband, please.” You see, it is my desire for others to see JESUS in me. This made me very thankful! There are so many more hurting people out there. We can easily make a difference.

I would like to encourage each of you with a reminder that GOD brings people into our life for HIS greater purpose. Some that we may know and some that we may not know, however HE will use each of us to make a difference, if we will allow HIM. Be blessed my friends and get ready for a very prosperous new year. HE has great plans for you! 2016, here we come!

Your friend
Johnathan Bond

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