Testimony Tuesday 12/23

Testimony Tuesday: I went to talk with a family at Emory in Atlanta in my roll as a Grief Counselor. As I walked into the room of 7 people, a little boy walked over to me and said, “Are you here to talk to us about my mommy?” I said yes, as he climbed up into my lap (as though he knew me). He said, “Did GOD send you?” I said, “He sure did.” He then asked me if GOD was sending someone to get his mommy. I honestly struggled in answering him by saying, “GOD is going to take care of your mommy.” He said to me, “I met you in one of my dreams the other night. I know now that GOD is going to take care of her.” His dad just grabbed him and hugged him. GOD had already told both of them (husband and son) that HE was preparing them for her move home. Amazing! Simply amazing!! I sat there with them for a little while longer, getting to know them better, and was just as encouraged by them as they were by me.

As I left, GOD reminded me of the scripture, Life is but a vapor, here for just a moment, then gone. I would love to remind each of you that the GREATEST TESTIMONY ever, is following in the footsteps of JESUS! One of the ways we can follow in HIS footsteps is by reaching out to family members and friends, letting them know that they are loved. Also remember, LOVE can change EVERYTHING! It was HIS love that changed each of us. Ok, time to make some phone calls, send emails or visit family/friends. You can make a difference!
Have a great CHRISTMAS, my friends! Keep sharing the GOOD NEWS!

*Johnathan Bond

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