Testimony Tuesday 12/1

When I think of where HE’s brought me from and where HE’s taking me to, I can’t help but lift my hands in worship! To know just what HE kept me from and what HE has brought me through, I can’t help but shout praise from the bottom of my heart!

Yesterday my son (Markale) and daughter in law (Krista) brought me the most amazing, overwhelming gift that I think I have ever received. They took 24 years of ministry publications and magazine articles, and put them in the form of a scrap book. As I began to turn page after page, I couldn’t help but smile as I remembered all of the opportunities that GOD has brought my way over the years. I am so grateful for how GOD has kept me in the palm of HIS hand, kept me through every storm. HE is simply amazing!

I would love to encourage you to look back at your life and notice how GOD has had HIS hand on your life. You will be so grateful that no one will be able to silence your praise!!

We are blessed people!!
Johnathan Bond

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