Testimony Tuesday 11/25

Testimony Tuesday: “Home Shopping Club” When I was 20 years old, I stayed home from work (sick…sorta). I watched the Home Shopping Club and made a few purchases for family members and friends. It was great! UNTIL…30 days later when my American Express credit card bill came. OH MY LORD! $7400, due in 45 days. WHAT? WHAT? WHAT? Well, I called my parents and thought they may help bail me out. After the surprise/shock wore down, they responded. And, of course, they did help, but not by bailing me out. They helped by assisting me on a budget and wise decisions to make this situation better. This NEVER happened again and the way they did help, taught me for future issues in life. I have learned that GOD does me a lot this same way. HE has (many times) bailed me out of life situations, but more times than not, HE has allowed me to work through, being educated, for even future issues. I love how GOD NEVER doesn’t have a plan or a way for our escape. Friends, trust HIM. HE isn’t surprised by any circumstance that we face. Don’t forget to share what GOD has done for you (or at least share this testimony with you friends). GOD deserves so much more praise! Thanks. Have a great Tuesday!

*Johnathan Bond

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