Testimony Tuesday 11/17

After one of my Sunday morning concerts, a couple (that I didn’t know) asked if they could take me to lunch. Of course I was very much appreciative and accepted. After we ordered, we were talking just to get to know each other and the husband said “Today at church God spoke to both me and my wife to take you to lunch. To be perfectly honest with you we really don’t have the extra money for eating out, but we knew that it was something God told us to do”. She said, “Honestly Johnathan, we have been struggling in our faith, but some how God used you today changed that.” We had a wonderful time at lunch talking about the amazing love of GOD. Just before we were getting ready to pay, the waiter came to our table and said “the couple across the room paid for your entire meal”. HAVE MERCY! The couple I was with shouted and burst into tears right there at the table. (They were not Pentecostal, but they certainly appeared to be at that moment! HAHA) They knew this was another reminder that GOD has HIS focus on them! They said they felt like this was GOD saying, “See, I will always take care of you, just trust me!” So amazing!! GOD is more than enough!

I love seeing HIM do what only HE can do! I know for sure that HE goes way above and beyond to show HIMSELF faithful! What a reminder of who HE still is!! HE deserves to be shared.

Have a great Tuesday!

Johnathan Bond

By the way, I still have some concert date openings for 2016. Please let me know if your church is interested in booking a date for a concert. THANKS SO MUCH!

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