Testimony Tuesday 10/27

I received this email and wanted to share:

“Jonathan I have been reading your testimony tuesdays and asking god to use me sometime. well I wanted to let you know that he did. I was at the grocery store and felt like he wanted me to pay for the elderly ladies groceries in front of me. I kept on pushing it aside because I didn’t have much money. But then I did what I knew I was supposed to do. The elderly lady didn’t even have enough money to pay for what she had. I spoke up and said I want to pay for the entire thing. She cried and hugged me with one of those genuine hugs. But now I didn’t have enough money to pay for mine, but the man behind me paid for mine. I am surprised at how god did this even for me. Thanks for always sharing what he does for you. Today he made me feel like I mattered. Cindy“

GOD is willing to work through each of us, if we will only allow HIM. Just in the case that you have forgotten, you are very special to HIM. HE loves you and wants to love through you. Make sure to give him the opportunity to let you know that you matter. Thanks for taking time to share this with your friends. Together we can both give HIS love and receive HIS love. Remember love isn’t love until its both given and received!

Blessings my friends!
Johnathan Bond

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