Testimony Tuesday 10/21

Testimony Tuesday: The other day I was shopping and bought two pair of shoes. I don’t need shoes, but love shoes! lol Well, as I was leaving the mall, there was a guy standing, holding a sign that said, “Will work for food”. I pulled up and gave him a $5 McDonald’s gift card. I noticed that he didn’t have any shoes on, so I asked what size he wore. He said, “I guess I wear about a 10”. I told him that I had just bought shoes, but I wear size 13. I pulled the shoes out of the bag and …WHAT, I bought 1 pair size 13 and 1 pair size 10!! So of course, I gave him the size 10 and told him that GOD knew just where he was and had arranged for this very moment. I explained that I was 100% positive that both pair were 13, but GOD had another plan. The guy was overwhelmed. It was beautiful to see!

As I drove off, I was amazed (again) at the love of GOD. You see, HE has put shoes on my feet, and food on my table many times. I love how HE not only takes care of us, but also guides us, even when we don’t know it! Please take time to share what GOD has done for you! Or at lease share this testimony with others. GOD deserves way more praise then we are giving HIM! Blessings all!

*Johnathan Bond

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