Testimony Tuesday 1/6

Testimony Tuesday: The other day as I was driving, GOD began to speak to me about three specific things. These three things are to help move me forward in this life that HE has blessed me with.

1) Planting more of what I am wanting to reap.
2) Positive in/Positive out….Negative in/Negative out
3) Habits develop by doing things over and over, on a regular basis.

So through this time of prayer, I have made some commitments for 2015.

1) I am planting more love, grace and mercy in peoples lives. I have decided to BE a miracle to others. JESUS said, “I was the light of the world, but I am no longer in the world. Now you are the light of the world.”
2) I am committing to speak positive into peoples life, on a daily basis. If I build others up, GOD will build me up. HE has left us this example of good to go by.
3) I have made a promise to practice EVERY day, reminding myself of good things GOD has done in my life, thanking HIM. Practicing focusing more on the GOOD that GOD has given me.

All three of things things will help me thrust into being more of who HE has called me to be. GOD has given HIS ALL for me. I am choosing to give HIM more of me, on a daily basis!

I can make a difference in people’s life. The closer I grow to HIM, the more HE will use me for HIS Glory!

Blessings my friends!
Johnathan Bond

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