Testimony Tuesday 1/27

Testimony Tuesday: A few months ago, while at Emory hospital, I spoke with a family about about their loved one with cancer. She was 38, a wife and mother of 3. During the conversation her husband said, “My wife is a Christian, but I am not a believer in GOD.” I simply answered, “WOW, that is amazing!” He responded, “What is amazing?” I said, “That you don’t believe in GOD and yet is has full faith in you. He gave you a wonderful wife to love, and trusted you with 3 beautiful children to raise. HE certainly believes in you!” The man didn’t know what to say, and was completely speechless. I went on to share exactly what they could expect through the illness of Stage 3 cancer. At the end, I said to them, “With how much GOD loves you all, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised for HIM to turn this whole situation around.” (I simply spoke faith into them.)

Well last week I received a phone call from the husband. He said, “When I told you that I didn’t believe, you said to me that GOD believed in me. That did something to me. I asked him to heal my wife, if he truly believed in me.” He went on to say, “She isn’t out of the woods yet, but her doctor said that they have stopped the cancer from growing and it now has began to shrink.” I said, “SO AWESOME. Wait a minute, you talked to GOD? So now you believe?” He said, “More then just believe, my wife helped me in a praye to be saved.” OK, now there is a shout of PRAISE!

It is so easy to make a difference. NEVER put someone down, always lift them up. That is a trait of our FATHER! Be blessed and share some GOOD News with people around you! HE will use you to better others. Blessings!

Johnathan Bond

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