Testimony Tuesday 1/26

Last week I went to eat at Chick Fil A in Chattanooga. As I was inside in this really long line waiting to order, I noticed the elderly man in front of me looking at the menu, then counting his pocket change. Without saying anything, I waited for him to order then I slid my credit card through the reader to pay for his food. I tried to not make a big deal of it, but he was so grateful and simply turned and hugged me. Well here is where the testimony begins… The cashier said, “Do you know him?” I said, “No ma’am, just noticed him and wanted to give to him.” She said, “You are Johnathan Bond, aren’t you?” I, of course, said yes. She went on to say that her dad prints off my Testimony Tuesday each week and brings them home for the family to read at the dinner table. She said, “He always talks about how you encourage him to be a better person. And now that I witnessed this, it makes me want to do more. I can’t wait to tell him about this. ” She said, “You make me want to be more CHRIST like and I appreciate that.”

Funny what started out to be a simple act of kindness (JESUS LOVE), turned out to be a major witness. How easy it is to make a difference in the life of others simply by showing a little love. Remember, GOD has a great work for each of us to do and HE will so bless those around you, but will also bless you amazingly, as well! That is who HE is!

Take time to let HIM love others through you. You will be so humbled by what HE does! Have a great Testimony Tuesday!

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