Testimony Tuesday 1/20

Testimony Tuesday: Mr. Anthony called me saying, “One year ago today, you sang at the church where I attend. During the concert, you said ‘Everyone of you must decide right now to either leave here the way you came, or leave totally changed.’ “You asked us if we would turn to someone in the congregation and ask them to help bear the burden of our struggle with us. I asked my wife to go and pray with me. We had been having some martial issues and she thought that was what I was asking for help with. But actually it was more than that, I was addicted to pornography. During that service I was totally set free. I shared with my wife my struggles and GOD healed not only my pornography addiction, but also my marriage!” He said, “I wanted to call you today to tell you that I am 365 days free of a hold that satan tried to destroy me with. Thank you for giving to the LORD.”


Can I tell you that no matter your struggles, GOD is still the answer! HE has made a way for your escape! Simply trust HIM! Also, please take time to share either this GOOD NEWS or something that GOD has done in your life! HE deserves so much praise! Blessings my friends!

Johnathan Bond

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