Testimony Tuesday 1/19

I received a phone call from a lady last week just wanting to say “Thank you for following GOD with your life.” She said that she and her boys received some blankets that we had handed out in Atlanta the week before Christmas this year. She had picked up her blankets, then went through the food line with her boys. Later, she came back to me and asked if she could have a way to keep in touch with me and the group, so I gave her a Young Harmony business card. She then asked if I would pray with her and her two boys (10 and 13 years old). While I was praying with her and the boys, I asked GOD to open up a place for them to live, and a job that she could start quickly. Well, she called to let me know that she got a job working as a manager at an apartment complex, and the job came with an apartment for them. THANK YOU JESUS!

She said that after I prayed, I told her to expect a miracle. She said I told her that GOD had great plans for her and her boys and all that she has to do is trust and follow HIM. She expected a miracle and HE brought her through. I was reminded of the scripture Proverbs 18:21, we have the power of both life and death in our words.

I would love to remind you that GOD has a plan for you and your family. Remember, HIS desire for your life is to prosper and be in good health, even as your soul prospers. You should so trust HIM for your miracle. Please remind your family and friends of HIS love and mercy!

Johnathan Bond

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