Testimony Tuesday 1/13

Testimony Tuesday: I received a phone call from Jonah (14 years old). He said, “Mr. Johnathan, can you talk to my mother, please?” He said, “She is going to have surgery and is really scared. I told her that she needed to remember what you told us on your Testimony CD, but she is still scared.” I told him thanks for encouraging her and asked if she was available. I heard him say, “Momma, you have a phone call and it’s Mr. Johnathan Bond from the CD”. As I was talking to her, to encourage her, she said, “My surgery is tomorrow (Thursday) and I am so nervous. Jonah is trying to encourage me.” She then began to cry and said, “Oh LORD, my two boys (14 and 11) are on their knees praying and I know it’s for me.” I told her to go and pray with them and enjoy what GOD is doing in her family’s life.” Well I received a phone call from the mother (Ms. Tina) on Friday and she said they went to prep her for surgery and was told that the surgery wasn’t needed. They put her on some medication for 2 weeks. THANK YOU JESUS. I received two really important things from this situation.

1) Sew faith into your children, it will sprout at the right time! Everyone will be blessed!

2) Ask GOD for your need, share your burden with your family and then trust GOD. GOD always has a plan for your good!

Ok guys, it’s time to share something GOD has done for you. We all have a lot to share. GOD deserves our praise and others need reminded of HIS Goodness and Grace! Be blessed

Johnathan Bond

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