Testimony Tueday 6/10

Remember the post below from 3 weeks ago. Look what was sent. SO AMAZING! THANK YOU JESUS! The family was overwhelmed by HIS love, as well as HIS families love! SO AWESOME!!

URGENT: I need your help, please.
There is a young family of 5 who’s house burnt and they lost everything.
Mike (Age 32, shirt L, pants 32/32, shoes 11),
Linda (Age 28, clothes 8, shoes 6.5),
Tanner (boy age 12), Tarina, (girl age 10) and Tyler (boy age 4).

I am asking you to please pray about helping this family. Please.
For all donations, I will send you a Tax Deductible ‘Charity’ donation letter to claim on your 2014 taxes. Please help by sharing and taking time to give.

Please send all donations (clothes, food, financial gifts) to:
Young Harmony, Inc.
PO Box 2584
Chattanooga, TN 37409

Please help by sharing and taking time to give. Together, we can make a major difference. Your prayers are also much appreciated! Thank you. Blessings! —

Johnathan Bond

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