It’s a boy!!!

Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know, “IT’S A BOY”! You know when a baby is born, the excitement goes on for quite a while. Well, there was a little baby boy born, I guess it was around the year 0 (being 2007 years ago) and the excitement is still going on for many of us. Here is something that I would like to have you think about. Ginger and I have three children, and when they were born, the actually had no choice in the matter (or they may have chosen different parents…lol). They were given to us as a gift by GOD HIMSELF! BUT, it was different with JESUS! HE did have a choice. He also knew the pain that HE would have to go through just by making this choice. HE made it any way and HE made that choice just for me. Now I am aware that many of you think that it was for you, but you are just getting to reap the benefits of HIS love, but HE actually did it just for me! (or would have done just for me had I been the only one that would have chose HIM!)

When I think of the phrase, MERRY CHRISTMAS, I can’t help but say THANK YOU JESUS! It was HIS choice to come, so that I could have life and have it more abundantly!

I pray each of you will take the time to think on all of the GIFTS that have been given to each of us from HIM! Hmmm, HIS birthday and HE’s the one passing out gifts! Pretty kool, huh?

We certainly appreciate all that HE has done in our life, including giving us family & friends like you!

Your friends
Johnathan & Ginger Bond

PS: Our new book, GOD’s Still GOD (Testimonies) should be available in stores around mid March, 2008!

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