Hey guys, it’s almost time for the “Extended Arms Project 2015”. We are handing out a total of 4000 blankets, divided equally between Atlanta, Chattanooga, Nashville and Knoxville areas. The temperature has started dropping and there are countless homeless people that will be lying their head on the cold ground. We decided 4 years ago to make a difference. This year, we have collected a total of 3,218 blankets, and for that we are thankful! We are still short 782 blankets. To all that want to help, please do so. I have special arrangements where I can purchase blankets for $5 each. Any money that is sent, I can send you a tax deductible donation letter. Anyone that would like to send blankets, that would be so welcomed, as well. Together, we can make a great difference. Here are the dates of the blanket distributions:

Atlanta: December 19 6PM
Knoxville: December 11 7PM
Chattanooga: December 5 2PM
Nashville: December 12 2PM

To mail money or blankets, please send to:
Young Harmony, INC
(Extended Arms Project – 2015)
PO Box 2584
Chattanooga, TN 37409

Please take time to share with your friends. I really need your help to make this happen. Remember, faith without works is dead. Won’t you join me in this project, please?

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