I have a confession…

Did you notice the sun shine this morning? What about the cool breeze, were you able to feel that this morning? Look at all that GOD has given us and blessed us with, do we take time to thank him? Do we ever just take time to spend with HIM? Why is it that the very ones that love us the most, and the ones that are always there for us, are the very ones that seem to be the first ones we neglect? GOD included. Ok, it’s confession time. After Ginger and I had been married for a few years, little by little I kept finding myself busier and busier. She noticed that after me having a long day of being at the hospitals, or driving a good distance when she wanted to talk, I was way to tired. However, if someone called needing to talk about a situation that they were going through, it didn’t matter how tired that I was, I took time to listen and care. It seemed that I was doing a good thing by taking the time to listen to the problems of others, but a really bad thing not feeling like just gabbing with my wife. She talked to me many times about it, and I tried to change it. Honestly, I didn’t know how and it really didn’t change for quite a while. Until one day GOD sent a preacher my way with this statement, “What is the opposite of doing what is right?” I answered, “Of course, doing what is wrong.” What he said next really opened my eyes, even though he had no idea why GOD had sent him. He said, “Actually, the opposite of doing what is right, is sometimes doing what is good. Sometimes satan will keep us doing a lot of good and hinder us from doing GOD’s actual plan.” OH MY! At that moment I knew what I needed to do. I needed to take the time to care for what GOD had given me first, then allow HIM to guide me where HE has for me to go and do what HE has for me to do. I felt it very important to share this today. I know that many of our families members (ours and yours) are hurting, falling apart, dying inside and we CAN make a difference at home, in our families lives, when we follow GOD’s plan. Let’s let HIM love through us, at home first, then go out to the fields of the world.

Your friend,

Johnathan Bond
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