Happy August 11, 1995

Happy August 11, 2008.

First, I would love to share a few praise reports. One, over the past several months, with the rising fuel costs, we have averaged about $1200 a week in bus fuel. However, GOD has always supplied more than enough! Two, this past weekend diesel dropped about $.75 a gallon. Praise GOD for that as well! I am sure with the fuel prices as they are, it has affected all of us in many ways. But one thing I am certain of, GOD will take care of our every need, including fuel, as we allow HIM to do so. Three, we had a wonderful week of revival in Cowden, IL. It was amazing to see, again, how GOD does what only HE can do.
Also, a couple of prayer requests. Please keep our pastor, Bill Broome, and his family in prayer. His mother passed away this past week. Also, please keep the Boehm family in prayer. They too had a family member to pass away. Finally, pray for a young man, Ryan, who we met on the road, as he finds his place in GOD.

Today, August 11th, may seem like just another ordinary day to some of you. But to me, it is a day of celebration for one of the miracles that GOD has done in my life. Many years ago I asked GOD to bring me a wife that would help me in the ministry and thirteen years ago, she said “I DO”. That is right, today is mine and Ginger’s “13th Wedding Anniversary” and I would love for you to send her an email reminding her how lucky of a woman she is! (Even if you don’t believe it -LOL.) If you would like to write her a poem, don’t use the “Roses are red….” one, because I already have. Her email address is Ginger@YoungHarmony.com.

Please keep us in your prayers asking GOD to continue to bless our marriage, our family, as well as, the ministry where HE has placed us.

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Your brother in Christ!

Johnathan Bond
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