Don’t You Think It’s Time?

In the news this week, I heard that a young man killed three of his friends, before trying to kill himself. An uncle threw his niece off of a bridge, and contemplated throwing her baby off too, but was thinking that it might be his baby. A pastor left this morning for his regularly scheduled jog, however this time he took a gun with him and ended his life. That was just PART of the news.

JESUS said, “I was the light of the world, but I am no longer in the world and now YOU are the light of the world.” Have you noticed that this world is getting darker by the moment, and some of us are doing nothing about changing that fact! I am sure that some of you will take offense to this email, however it isn’t meant to offend, I am just sharing my burdened heart with you. We are seeing major increases in the suicide rates,as well as divorce rates and all of this is in the church. We are seeing drugs and alcohol destroy the lives of many teenagers, and families are turning against each other, again this is going on in the church. All of this is happening while most of the church is too busy to even notice. Don’t you think that it is time the we as CHRISTIANS step up to the plate?

You ask, “How can I change the problems in the church and in this world?” I am glad you asked, it is really simple.

– In another scripture JESUS says that if we CHRISTIANS will humble ourselves and turn from our wicked ways, HE would heal our land. Our land is in so much need of healing. If you are professing “CHRISTIANITY”, please check your daily walk by asking yourself are you being an example of JESUS. If you can’t honestly answer that with YES, then take the time to find out why and work on it. I am not meaning being perfect, but striving to be more like HIM! Don’t you think it’s time?

– Another scripture says that “GOD IS LOVE!” If GOD is living with you, HIS love should be flowing out of you. HIS love will change our lives and the lives of everyone around us. When is the last time that you reached out to someone with HIS love? Don’t you thing it’s time?

I do have a special request to each of you that read this. Of course, it is your decision to do or not to do. Would you sometime in the next 24 hours do these two things?
– tell a member of your family that you love them and remind them that JESUS loves them, too.
– tell someone that you aren’t related to, that JESUS loves them and that you were just wondering if they knew that.

Both of these are really simple, but necessary things that need to be done on a daily basis. Don’t you think it is time that we become the body of JESUS?
In the words of an old gospel hymn: Love lifted me, When nothing else could help, Love lifted me.

Thank you for your time and one last reminder. JESUS loves you and I do also.

Your friend in love,

Johnathan Bond
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Always remember GOD is bigger than your problems!

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